About us

One encounter can change your life forever.
That's how it was for us.
Many years ago, two seven-year-old girls sat together at one school desk. They discovered that they had a common passion – clothes and designing clothes. Since then, for the whole of their lives, they have been studying, creating and developing their skills. After winning the competition at Fashion Week Poland, an idea was born to establish their own company. And then there was the second encounter – with an "angel of business” who showed them how to combine art and business.

Unexpectedly there was the third encounter – with Gila Liberman. After we had heard the story of her father, the last royal tailor at the Baghdad court, we knew that the name of our company would be Liberman, and that we would do everything to proudly continue the best traditions. The emanation of this is our logo – the two crowned lions of Judah.

Now we know there are no coincidences in life.

It is not a coincidence that you have read our history.

Małgorzata Grzywnowicz & Małgorzata Węgiel